Jun 28, 2011

Jaejoong's Ex-Girlfriend

This is an old story.
Really, I don't know why I'm digging this old stories...

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I was quite surprised to find the truth behind JaeJoong's ex-gf. Can't remember her name, started with M.

Anyway, i was surprised by how she dumped JaeJoong just because he's not popular and younger than him. Their relationship is on and off as well, she only find him if she needs him.
After they broke up for real, JaeJoong entered SM Entertainment.
then he debuted, and when he became popular, the girl wants him back but he rejected.
The photo below that we've known, the guy is actually NOT JaeJoong. Apparently it was WooJin, an ulzzang that looks like JaeJoong. Netizens proved this by pointing out the difference of their lips and nose. JaeJoong's lips are more thicker.. lol

It was a big surprised to me how this girl that i always thought is innocent is actually a bitch, by finding an ulzzang that looks like JaeJoong, posing pictures with him and putting up the picture to create scandal that she is JaeJoong's gf. She deserves a hard slap.

It's pretty sad though.. like how he actually does love her deeply and unable to forget her. She is the motivation for JaeJoong to be a star since she wants a popular guy, which i can see that JaeJoong is the guy who would do anything for a girl that he really love. But then i don't think JaeJoong would regret his choice for being a star now.. hahaha
i wouldn't if i was him.
JaeJoong, you deserved a better girlfriend.. hope you find one in the future d(^_^)b


Well..she's really a bitch and I could see that the person in the above picture is definitely NOT Jaejoong. I'm surprised by their similarities but you can spot the difference, the lips, the nose and the jaw line (staring at Jaejoong's face on the screen 24/7 could really build up the skill of recognizing him straight away)
According to another source, she dumped Jaejoong because Jaejoong was not popular and not an ulzzang like her. He's younger than her by 2 years. She only met Jaejoong secretly because she didn't want anybody knows that she dated someone not popular. After debut, she wanted Jaejoong back! Jaejoong is about to accept but others advised him not to. So, he rejected her. (Yeayy~~~)
Based on Jaejoong's stories from variety shows, he really love his ex-girlfriend a lot and he's a loyal one.

can't deny that his ex-girlfriend is pretty.
Unfortunately, she's a bitch.


aNgeL's_WiNg CoLLecTiOn said...

can i take this and post it in my blog but of course with full credit ^^ thank u XDD

doda shauQi said...

its min dul lae.his ex.

Pika said...

This girl is crazy for dumping someone like him. Even if he's not yet popular, he has potential! And not to forget he's gorgeous too hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but for me she isn't very pretty! I can't understand how could she be an uzzlang? Is she really pretty in the eyes of Korean people? I'm not Asian, so I don't think, she is very pretty. I know many other Korean girls and women, which look much more beautiful than this here!

cherry moe said...

i like jae joong so much.